About this project

I want to create a fantasy book of your dreams. Place where we all can add to a story. Place where we can write our endings.


This project was inspired by The Garden of Forking Paths by Jorge Luis Borges.


It's a mix (very basic so far) of adventure book and litrpg.

It all begins with a story. Story is a general setting for bunch of mini stories, or chapters. Every logged in user can add a story. All stories have one starting chapter.

Chapter is very much like a chapter in a book, most important and interesting part. Once you logged in, you can start writing. Non logged in users can read all chapters, but can't create and edit.

What comes next? It's a Path, place where magic happens. Transition between chapters. Reader will have a choice after each chapter - which way to go! Authors can add paths to a chapter. Every chapter can have up to 7 paths. Important thing is, every user can add its own path from any chapter! Limitation that each path should lead to a new chapter, but I'll be working to fix it, no promises though.

This is it! Happy exploring and see you on my facebook page.

Cheers, Artem

There's a facebook page for this project. I will be happy to hear your thoughts about it.

If you got any questions please write to me: artem [at] abalmasov.com

Bootsrapping this one, so if your interested to chip in please mail me.