Waking up

I've opened my eyes. Slowly, hesitantly. Some bold beam of sunlight was shining right into my eye.
I've meditated a little, trying to remember my dream. No luck. I have a feeling it was something important, but not even a flicker of memory. Tomorrow, maybe.
The room was both boringly similar yet new to me. Like repeating dream. Was there a rubbery? This place is a mess. The layer of dust tells me - there weren't. It's a natural mess.
Slowly, I've remembered who am I and why I'm here, and what I needed to do. I injected myself into this cruel world. I remember that there was time without the war. Moreover, that war was in a stalemate, waiting for something to put an end to this. A peace treaty, brutal assassination, skilled mercenaries - something. It's been far too long. I scowled remembering about it. War is a new peace now. Burning our talented and brave, bringing fortune to others.
What was the cause? Some say it was a dungeon, sentient cave that could make people rich and powerful if you manage to survive. Some say it was an artifact of unbelievable power, granting some incredible magic. Some believe it was a tree from another realm. I think it's just tales for solders, covering noble asses, yet to speak of it or even think about it in the presence of certain people will be doom for me. Mental note to remember that.
I slowly got up from the bad and started pacing around the room. There was a thought I wanted to catch. I looked up - noticing a mirror in front of me. I looked at the person behind it.

Created by: Spaceworm