I want to create a fantasy book of my dreams. Place where everyone can add to a story. Place where we can write and mix our stories and share our ideas.


This project was inspired by The Garden of Forking Paths by Jorge Luis Borges.


Write your story, add to other stories, mark chapters you like and choices you want to develop

Once you logged in, you can start a new story or branch off other stories.

Every story is divided into chapters. It is very much like a chapter in a normal book, except you can choose different paths to explore or add your own.

What comes next? Let me know if you liked it or have ideas to make it better here. If you play video games - I'm working on old school text based one - check it out

This is it! Happy exploring.

Cheers, Artem

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If you got any questions please write to me: artem [at] abalmasov.com

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